A Full-Service Machine Shop. 

MAX BMW Motorcycles has a full-service machine shop staffed by professionals who are here to meet your specific needs.

Take a tour of MAX BMW's Machine Shop located in North Hampton, New Hampshire. Our machinist, Nate, walks you through some of our machines and processes.
Check out our machine services for Airheads! Rear spline replacement using our lathe and press.
Refinishing the surface of a BMW R75/5 Head with our Bridgeport Milling Machine with Heidenhain 3 Axis DRO.



Nathan is MAX BMW Motorcycles Machining Specialist. Nathan cut his teeth in the machining industry starting with a degree in Automotive Restoration and in High Performance Engine Machining. He worked in Tennessee and North Carolina building 900+ hp dirt race engines as well as working a stint in the world of NASCAR. Coming to MAX BMW Motorcycles has allowed him to further focus his skills by taking advantage of specialized BMW training. Pursuing his love of these bikes inspires Nate in developing custom adapters and fixtures, unique to MAX BMW Motorcycles, aiding in broad restoration abilities and enhancing the high-performance side of BMW Motorcycles.

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