Step 1

First, we inspect the injectors visually, physically and electrically, which allows us to note any damaged or missing parts.


Step 2

Next, we perform an initial test. We test for ohms, open flow testing, a leak test, a pressure test, pulse duration and atomization testing.


Step 3

The injectors are disassembled of all the hardware and internal filters. They are then thoroughly cleaned externally, degreased, and stripped of all outer rust and other deposits.

Step 4

The injectors are dynamically cleaned using an ultrasonic bath. Most importantly, during the procedure the injectors are pulsed through the proper durations to allow the ultrasonic bath to penetrate the internal corrosion or deposits.


Step 5

The injectors are reassembled with all new hardware, seals, and internal filters. They are then prepared for the second round of testing.


Step 6

We perform the same testing as we did in Step 2. Then the injector progress report is updated.


Step 7

Finally, the injectors are painted and clear coated to guard against rust and moisture.

MAX BMW Motorcycles
Injector Cleaning
Services and Pricing:

Fuel Induction Cleaning Service: $240

Full Fuel induction cleaning service and Fuel injector clean flow and rebuild: $350.00

Fuel injectors serviced off of Motorcycle: $49

Note that there will be an additional labor charge for K, S, G, and F models.

Call the service department nearest you to schedule your cleaning or to learn more about this service.